The Truth About Uee Plastic Surgery

Uee admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery to make her uneven eyes even. Despite putting a stop to the widespread speculations and rumors concerning her more attractive bigger eyes, the After School top actress and singer’s decision to accept the plastic surgery allegations has triggered diverse opinions from her fans and of course, her critics. This article will give you the truth about Uee Plastic surgery.

Why Uee Underwent Plastic Surgery

Uee Plastic Surgery

According to recent research, South Korea has the highest per capita rating of plastic surgery worldwide. One out of five women in Seoul has undergone some kind of plastic surgery. Men have not been left behind as well. The most popular plastic surgery operations performed include jawbone chiseling for a more V-shaped appearance and eyelid surgery to make the eyes appear larger.

Plastic surgery is more common among Korean celebrities. However, majority of the Korean stars deny plastic surgery allegations even when the changes are undeniably obvious. Kim Yu-Jin, popularly known as Uee has decided to break the hypocritical norm of most Korean celebrities by admitting that she underwent double eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty (one of the best Blepharoplasty surgery ever). Uee admitted to have underwent the knife on a local TV show by saying, “Many people ask me if I underwent plastic surgery after my debut. My eyes are naturally uneven so I wanted to even them out. That is why I had to undergo this minor surgery. That is all.”

To be more specific, the twenty six year old star underwent a double eyelid surgery in order to make her eyelids much better than her natural eyelids. Evidently, her before/after plastic surgery pictures reveal a more beautiful and fresher appearance. Initially, she used to have natural narrow eyes associated with common Korean people. In her after surgery pictures, her eyes look bigger, fresher and of course beautiful. Uee confessed further that even though she got her eyes done with double eyelid surgery, she maintains her beauty naturally.

What Critics Are Saying

Unfortunately, her honesty to end all the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her did not stop critics from keeping their lips intimate. The criticisms began from the reason behind her plastic surgery up to the result of the operation. Many critics rebuke her for taking plastic surgery, claiming that she didn’t need to undergo the minor operation. They claim that the operation did not add anything to her beauty.

In addition, some critics claim that contrary to her claim that she had only undergone eyelid surgery, there could be a possibility of a nose surgery as well. They even presented pictures in which Uee has a narrower nose presently, while she used to have a bigger nose with a more bulbous tip.

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What Fans Are Saying

On the other hand, die-hard Uee fans continue to give her unconditional support amidst all the criticisms. They claim that Uee appears better after the operation. They even recommend more procedures to reduce her face size because she has a chubby and wide facial shape.

Final Purport

It is unique for a celebrity of Uee’s stature to admit plastic surgery allegations. By admitting the Uee plastic surgery claims, it is only fair that we should appreciate her boldness and honesty with an open mind regardless of the pros and cons associated with her open confession.

Why Plastic Surgery is So Popular in Korea

You might be wondering why plastic surgery is so popular in Korea. Plastic surgery is a procedure that helps in the enhancement of physical appearance. Plastic surgery may be intended for different purposes. There are a number of people who have the procedure carried out on them for the sole purpose of restoring their original appearances. Such plastic surgeries are important, for example, in cases where the individual has had an accident or has suffered a condition (like a skin condition) that has altered the whole appearance. The surgery is therefore carried out to try and restore the initial looks to such individuals. Another possible intention of plastic surgery is to enhance the physical appearance of a person from the initial appearance to a new enhanced one.

Research has recently shown that Korea tops the list of those who undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures. Though the number of those who go for the procedure may not beat that of many other countries, the percentage of those who seek the procedure in Korea still tops the list. Survival in the Korean society is hard. Surveys have shown that survival in its society depends to some extent on the looks. It has been discovered that Koreans are very conscious of the looks, so the easiest way to survive in this community is to look good. This makes plastic surgery very popular.

Another thing that may make plastic surgery popular in Korea is the fact that a good looking person has higher chances of getting a promotion at the work place. This is so because most Korean companies have the belief that a good looking person gives them an extra added edge.

There are also the Korean celebrities. A celebrity has to look good in front of the camera and the general public. Many Korean celebrities feel that their eyelids are a compromise to their appearances. This will leave them with no option but to go for a surgery that can enhance the facial appearance. One of the most common surgeries in Korea is the double eyelid surgery. A successful celebrity plastic surgery is actually a boost to the celebrity. This is due to the fact that a successful result of the double eyelid surgery leaves a Korean celebrity, who typically has got small eyes, with big round eyes. This comes as a boost to the fame and popularity of the celebrity. The double eyelid surgery is also known as the epicanthoplasty.

Good looks are considered with high regards in Asia at large. In Korea specifically, good looks are looked at like stepping stones in the general society. In the Korean society, beauty and good looks are considered both a gratification and a degree of status. This therefore means that if for example, a celebrity attempts a plastic surgery, and it turns out to be a bad celebrity plastic surgery, the celebrity must find a way of correcting the surgery. For the celebrity to gain the respect and initial fame, they have to undergo the procedure until the desired result is acquired. This adds to the popularity of plastic surgery in this region.

Hairstyles for Girls With Curly Hair

While some individuals struggle to grow even a little bit of hair on their head (because sadly they are bald), there are several others blessed with lots of hair. Hair comes in varieties. Some are long, others short, some thick, others very light, some curly, others very straight, some brown and others black.

feather cut long hair cut

With these varieties, at times one may feel a little uneasy when they have naturally curled hair, imagining that the best type of hair should be straight and not anywhere near curly. But then again, if nature endows one with these unusually striking traits, they need to be thankful and not resentful. Reason; curly hair is exotic, unique, striking and very classy. To make matters even better, there are several hairstyles for girls with curly hair.

One advantage curly hair has over the straight one is that there is no need to seek curls if you want an amazing hairstyle that makes heads turns. Your hair is naturally curly and all you need is to set it. Perhaps the most common curly hairstyle for black women is the Pixie Cropped. Since it works best with curly short hair, this hairdo is ideal with a variety of head shapes. For your info, you are definitely going to love these haircuts:

Pixie Cropped Haircut

Flower clips too is another ideal hairstyle that could make curly hair look great. For this style, the hair is swept in an easy pony and held in place using a hair band then flowers are clipped on side of the head. You may as well choose to have the flowers in the middle, but they are best on one side as it gives one a professional look.

Braided crown is a great way of styling hair too. It is best for blondes or women with not very black hair. At the same time, one could try out the pinned curls. The pins cannot be used randomly in this case and therefore there is need for a professional touch. If you have to do this alone, remember it requires lots of care and concentration. You can choose where the pins need to be placed. They should not be visible for any reason. The hair can then be knotted and tucked in using pins in a professional fashion.

The bob hairstyle has survived all these years and is still an amazing hairdo. Most people are used to the short bob, but there are plenty of long bob hairstyles that may look great on ladies with curly hair. Combing the hair until it shines; one may let the curls be pronounced at the ends to give a curly finish. Pins can be used to let the curls stay in place.

The braided crown has stolen the limelight in 2014. A simple hairdo with the braid at the top of the head and pins used to tuck hair into place for the other parts, this simple style can bear amazing results. Of course there are other hairstyles for curly hair, however, the end result largely depends on an individual’s choice of hairdresser. Curly hair is a blessing in disguise when properly styled.

Audrina Patridge – A Sweetheart On the Screen

Born in 1985, Audrina Partridge is an effervescence personality who has been described as a model, fashion blogger, actress and T.V presenter. She burst to fame when she starred in the reality show The Hills which followed the lives of four young girls struggling in following their dreams in Los Angeles. It aired for six seasons; Audrina appeared in all of them: she was the only show’s start to appear in all the seasons.

Audrina Patridge and Megan Fox – Who Looks Better?

Audrina Patridge vs Megan Fox

Audrina Patridge vs Megan Fox

We must say that, Audrina Patridge looks like Megan Fox. Though Megan Fox enhanced her looks with plastic surgery, Audrina Patridge looks really hotter than Megan Fox. However, it’s only my opinion and you may vote for the reverse case.

She later did a follow-up to the show, introducing fans to her life off the The Hills; in a self-titled reality show that saw her family get involved. She has also featured in the reality dance contest/show, Dancing with the stars. She was cast for the show’s 11th season but despite her dazzling moves on the floor, she was sent home on week six emerging seventh for the show’s season.

Audrina Patridge in Dancing with the Stars:

As an actress, she has acted in some low profile films that include the Sorority Row and Into the Blue 2. Her biggest film to date has been Honey 2.

Since 2014, Audrina Partridge has been a host on NBC’s show, 1st Look. Needless to say, the show has gained popularity and has a solid fan base. The show focuses on fun and travel. As the host, Audrina travels across the US and highlights the best places for fun and play in every city. She showcases the best and top destinations for a traveler.

But you cannot talk about Audrina Partridge, without talking about her love life. Being the center of her role on The Hills, it is difficult to miss the relationship bit of her life. Since 2005, when she started her role on The Hills, Audrina Partridge was in a dramatic relationship with Justin Brescia. Even though it was clear that Justin was the bad boy who kept breaking Audrina’s heart, she held on to the relationship until 2009 when she had enough.

Audrina Patridge with Justin Brescia

Audrina Patridge with Justin Brescia

After some not-so-serious relationships, Audrina started dating the famous Australian BMX pro: Corey Bohan. This was by no chance an easy relationship. The couple kept breaking up and getting back together. However, the couple finally called it quits after five testing years. Currently, rumour has it that Audrina is single…but not searching.

As a blogger, Audrina keeps a self-titled blog that focuses on all she is doing in her life. The log has features of her 1st Look, fashion tid-bits and breaking news (in her world at least) among other things.

Even though she cannot be defined as an icon, Audrina Partridge has managed to curve a niche’ and keep herself relevant in the entertainment industry. All we can do now is wait and see what she will spring up next.

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Best Indoor Cycling and Upright Bike Workouts

Indoor bikeIndoor cycling, also known as spinning is a physical process that involves cycling on a stationary bike that has a heavy flywheel for stability. Indoor cycling is done by people who wish to reduce weight and body toning, for physical therapy and physical rehabilitation among others.

There are two types of bikes which indoor cyclists have to choose from. These include; the recumbent exercise and fitness bike and also the upright exercise and fitness bike. For the recumbent bike, the seat is almost in-line with the peddles while in the upright bike the seat is located almost directly over the peddles. The choice of the bike to use depends on your reason for doing the workouts. In this article, we will discuss the best indoor cycling and upright bike workouts. Thus, we will be looking into the best choices for an upright exercise and fitness bike.

Generally when one is looking for a bike that suits their needs there are those salient features the lookout for. These features are comfort, stability, safety from harm for instance blisters and sore hands among others. If these are what you are looking for in order to purchase a spinning bike then allow me to save you the trouble of searching for long by inviting you to try out the ‘Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling bike’. These spinning bike has been tailored to suit all your needs. It has a nice heavy flywheel hence completely stable. Its handles are well padded to protect you from developing blisters and sore hands after long workouts. In addition, its seat is adjustable and it has sturdy peddles hence it is easy to adjust and vary your workouts. This bike is ideal for beginners and also those who are well advanced. It might develop some little noise after a lengthy workout but apart from that, it is certainly the best indoor cycling and upright bike you can have.

Exercise bike workouts

For those whose reason for working out is reducing weight and toning, there is an even more friendly bike for them. This bicycle has a wide based seat, it is long lasting, affordable and has a high tension control in case of tough workouts. It is known as the ‘Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright bike with Pulse’. Its seat is comfortable and its peddles are relatively large with straps the ensure safety during the entire session of working out. It also has a heart rate monitor.

Moreover, it is quiet which is a good feature when one is in an environment that requires silence like an office. The ‘Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse’ can easily be folded and transported with its transporting wheels. It is said that this bike is not ideal for tall people but apart from that, it is indeed a bike you need at your home.

You now do not need to go through the trouble of walking through the market trying to select the best spinning bike for your indoor cycling. Just get yourself either a ‘Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling bike’ or an ‘Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse’.

Why is it Called Plastic Surgery?

The world has come a long way. Sometimes it is hard to fathom how previously people handled patients in case of a deforming accident. It might have been terrible because victims had to carry physical scars along with them till their ultimate demise. But since the onset of plastic surgery, accident victims can now enjoy normal life because surgeons work day and night to ensure the affected limb is back to normal for an individual to resume normal life. Same applies to people born with physical deformities like cleft lips, or patients with cancer to name but a few.

Plastic Surgery Photo

Questions have been asked, “Why is it called plastic surgery?”. Plastic surgery is described as specialized surgery meant to repair deformities and correct physical as well as functional deficits. The word plastic is derived from a Greek word “Plastikos” meaning fit for molding. The procedure is divided into two namely; cosmetic and reconstructive.

Just like the names suggest, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery refers to procedures performed to make given body parts look beautiful or appealing. Reconstructive on the other hand refers to procedures performed to reform or give a better look to an affected body part. For example, after an accident, reconstructive surgery is performed to give the affected limb its original or almost original look.

In some cases, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries function almost on the same line. Take the example of a brain surgery. After the procedure, a patient’s head needs reconstructive surgery which may function as cosmetic surgery because it is aimed at giving the head its original look. Most people however, understand the word plastic to mean “artificial”. Of course this at times may be justified given that celebrities who go for one too many surgeries are bound to look too artificial, almost plastic.

Plastic surgeries are performed by trained surgeons who have undergone undergraduate medical training lasting five years with another three years of post graduate training. Four years of advanced surgical training completes the study, making one competent to perform procedures on patients. After completion of the course study, a trainee has to obtain a license from relevant authorities. Without a practicing license, a practitioner is not allowed to handle patients.

Some aesthetic surgery services offered by plastic surgeons include;

a) Cosmetic and eyelid surgery.
b) Butt implants.
c) Cosmetic breast surgery.
d) Rejuvenation of face using Botox and injectable fillers.
e) Liposuction and shaping procedures of the body.
f) Cosmetic ear surgery.
g) Rejuvenation of face using laser and other light therapy.

For reconstructive surgeries, here are services offered;

a) Reconstructive micro-surgery.
b) Reconstruction of patients with deformities on the face.
c) Burns as well as post-burns surgery.
d) Reconstruction of head, neck and limbs after trauma.
e) Reconstruction after surgery due to cancer on head, neck and breasts.
f) Hand surgery.
g) Cleft lip and palate surgery.
h) Surgical and laser treatment of skin lesions that are benign or malignant.

All these conditions can be handled by plastic surgeons. Before making a choice to have either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, choice of surgeon has to be properly considered. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry like is seen in Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery case.

Home Remedies for Back Acne

Acne is medically known as Acne vulgaris. Statistics show that at least 75% of all 11-30 year olds across all races get acne at one point or another. Even though the exact cause of acne is not known, it is argued that it is caused by an increase of the hormone androgen in the body. This leads to an increased production of oil glands at the base of hair follicles found on the skin.

Due to the accelerated production, the pores on the surface of the skin are unable to cope with removal of the oil leading to its accumulation of the skin which is seen as acne.

Forms of acne

Acne can be found on different parts of the body including face, arms, legs and back. Back acne is displayed on the skin in several different forms: white heads, black heads, pustules, papules, nodules and in some cases as cysts. The severity of acne varies from one person to another.

However, there are instances that can lead to an increase or aggravation of the acne: some point during the menstruation cycle, medication and pregnancy. Wearing tight clothes, friction, using oil base products and anxiety are other factors that lead to an increase of back acne.

Ways to treat back acne

Natural Back Acne Treatment

Over the years, scientists have carried numerous researches on acne, more so back acne. However, all results on treatment have been negative; there is no known cure for acne. Viral treatment is hoped to cure acne in the future. Nevertheless, there are several home remedies that help you reduce your back acne or acne:

Exfoliation – this is the removal of dead skin or excess oil using an abrasive material. For treatment of back acne, this exfoliation needs to be done gently and carefully; hard scrubbing could lead to an increased skin irritation.

Go swimming in the sea or add salt to your daily bath – salt is a magical cure for many ailments. Get into the bath or sea of salty water and soak for some time (10-15minutes). If it is a bath, you can repeat at least twice daily. If you are swimming in the sea, soak up some sun for a few minutes and repeat the process several times. However, do not stay in the sun for long as it will cause irritation on the back.

Use zinc based products – normally, human beings require only trace amounts of zinc in their bodies. Zinc is an immune booster and known to heal wounds. For this reason, look for products that contain small amounts of zinc.

Lower skin PH to 4.7 – this can be achieved by using products that will lower your shower or bath water PH. You can make a body spray using apple cider vinegar and water in the ratio of 2:1. Using this every day before bed will give you amazing results.

As much as it has no cure, there are ways to treat back acne and are all determined by how well you take care of your skin.